Tootsie Roll Drive Donation Page. KC ID Drive
Knights of Columbus 
Hoffman Schaumburg Council 6964
Tootsie Roll Drive
Donation Page
aka: ID Drive 
(Help those with Intellectual Disabilities)
All Donations go to Local and State Charities
Two safe ways you can donate...
Mail a check or cash to the following address:

Hoffman-Schaumburg Knights of Columbus
697 Skye Lane
Inverness, IL 60010

Due to Covid 19 we will have limited abilities to collect as we have in the past.  
PLEASE help us make up the difference by donating online today!
* Credit card donations include a 3% fee for credit card processing.
Here are some of the charities that receive donations from our council...

St Hubert Gift Program  St Matthew Gift Program
Church of the Holy Spirit Religious Education
Elite Stars Foundation (
Gigi's Playhouse (
The Kids’ Equipment Network (
Special Camps for Special Citizens (  
Ups for Downs (
Misericordia (
Clearbrook Center (
Center for Enriched Living (
For more about what we do please visit our website
Visit us on Facebook Here
We Thank You for your Genorosity and Support.
2020 UPDATE...

The 2020 Tootsie Roll Drive will be different this year.  This is our plan at the moment but things can change at any time.

We will be focusing on a "Virtual" Tootsie Roll Drive and will rely on this website to direct people to make online donations.  

The storefronts and Churches we have worked in the past are not allowing us to solicit this year.

We have been given the OK to work corners, but we are cautious and unsure of the response. So, we will be doing a limited amount of corners.  You can sign up to work on a corner if you like and are 18 years or older.  Click here to sign up to work a corner.  

We will also be posting positions for sign holders to work off the streets safely on the curbs, and can be any age.  They will hold signs directing people to this website and our Text to Donate site (coming soon).

We are considering other options and will post them here as we go.  So please check back.

Please share this link with your friends and relatives.  We really need as many people as we can get to donate, and we need the donations to be larger than normal if possible to make up for the loss of our traditional methods.